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Fixing Sink Pipes


Back water valve 

BWV are used to prevent water from flowing back into the home after it has been released into the sanitary system. ​ it's important to :

1-Know the location of your valves

2-know the condition of its valves

3-Replace or repair as quickly as possible to avoid water damage.


Water heater Replacment

To replace or have your water heater checked and repaired

pompe sump pump

Sump pump

The submersible pump is used to empty the water in the pit outwards, towards a ditch or towards a storm drain. Discharging water into sanitary facilities is not legal in many municipalities. Altough it may seem illogical for many, its better not to direct water in any water system that can backflow. many basment floods are related to contractors directing the water at the wrong place.

bassin garage fosse

Sump  bassin (pit)

Garage or basement pit to install a submersible pump

Basment Restroom bathroom

For a modification or addition of a device or to redo everything completely.

salle de bain
design salle de bain


To install a new toilet, replace or repair.

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