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Specialized inspection

The benefits of a specialized foundation and plumbing inspection are numerous.

-Avoid future water damage,

-Avoid health problems for occupants

-Avoid costly repairs in the future

-Avoid having to demolish perfectly good structures to get to the cause of the problem.

-Avoid costly and stressful legal proceedings.

-Avoid a financial disaster that will follow you throughout your financial history

Inspection clause in a home purchase contract

Home inspections allow a buyer to identify any major issues with a home before the purchase offer closes, if any. Your first clue as to the importance of a home inspection is that it can be used as an “exit clause” in your contract with the seller. This contingency provides that if a home inspection reveals significant defects, you can withdraw your offer to purchase, without penalty, within a specified period of time. The potential problems a home may have must be pretty serious if they can allow you to walk away from such a major contract.

In some situations, real estate brokers have also been known to include home inspection clauses in contracts,

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What is included in the inspection 

Complete Inspection


Exterior Cracks

Inspection of the general condition of the exterior foundation


Window wells

Inspection of the window wells, their compliance with heights prescribed by the code and the connection to the foundation drainage system.


Chimney  (Access to the foundation drain)

If they are not present, we recommend installation. This also allows us to inspect the foundation wall located underground as well as the sole and the joint with the wall. We can also inspect the condition of the foundation drain, its location in height, its size and construction material, determine the year of installation, the quantity of drainage stone around it as well as the existence of a drainage filter. geotextile type around the stone. This inspection also allows us to check whether the waterproofing carried out originally or during renovation is still effective.




Here we examine the condition of the gutter downspouts. the slopes and if there is an underground evacuation system there will be camera inspection of it.


Land slope


Here we will inspect the slopes of the land and these elements. any possible accumulation will be analyzed and we will explain the impacts on the systems and structures in place,




Inspection of the discharge pump, direction of water and presence of protection against backflow and access of rodents and vermin


Pump pit and garage pit


Inspection of efficiency and compliance with the code in place. We check the dimensions, depth and condition of the waterproofing. This pit also allows us to inspect other elements of the foundation's plumbing and drainage system.




Location and inspection of the valves of the sanitary system in the basement of the building,



Floor drains


Location and verification of the type of floor drain installed during renovation construction.


Sanitary cleaning window


For the inspection of your sanitary line up to the property line or to inspect the municipally responsible part of the service valve up to the center of the street.

Often this has never been opened since construction or renovation

it is hidden under a floor, we locate it and with your agreement restore its access for future use.


Pluvial cleaning manhole.


Location of this and inspection of the rain pipes towards the municipal network up to the property line or to inspect the part under municipal responsibility from the service valve to the center of the street.



The entrance of the water.


Location, identification of type and test of its operation.

Inspection of the water inlet allows us to identify the size of the house's pressure piping and whether it is equipped with a control, filtration and quantity calculation system.

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