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Pour une fondation sans faille 
*Plus de 6000 projets
*Plus de 2
000 inspections 
*28 ans de service

*Février Mois du Clapet* 

Welcome to Champoux injection inc.

Champoux Injection has 28 years of experience to support you in your crack repair, foundation repair and foundation drainage projects.​ ​ We also offer unblocking service, plumbing cleaning, inspection and renovation. Here we offer you our solutions which take into account: ​

1- Your budget

2- Your priorities in order to act to preserve the safety, health of occupants and the structure of the building

3- The reality of your land, your building and especially your investment which is your house.


It all starts with a complete inspection of the land, basement, plumbing and foundation drainage system. Depending on the results of this inspection, a series of recommendations will be made. From these recommendations we will be able to provide you with a quote with our kits, labor and necessary materials.

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Our Services

fissure crack finish


Do you have cracks in your foundation walls ? 

inspection debouchage unclogging


Your plumbig cloggs and you need a specialist to unclog and fix the problem,

french drain francais

French Drain

Replacing a french drain is a big job that needs to be well planned. if you follow our 9 kits and services you can prolong the lifespan of your French drain buy 3-4 fold.

camera inspection drain


We offer complete foundation, drainage system and plumbing inspection services. Report and video are provided.

assurance degat water dammage insurance


We handle insurance files. We specialize in inspection and investigation of the cause of water infiltration.

plomberie plumbing under ground



For the maintenance, modification or replacement of your basement plumbing.

Champoux injection inc.

Avec nos 9 kits, assurez vous de faire un entretien régulier de votre système de drainage de fondation. 

Un drain français bien entretenu est primordial pour la qualité de vie dans votre maison. En faisant l'entretien régulier avec comme guide ces 9 produits et services vous  pourriez augmenter sa durée de vie  de 3-4 fois plus que la moyenne qui est de 25-30 ans.




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