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FAQ Foundation cracks


 How to know if a foundation crack is serious ? 

A severe crack is a moving crack. The best way to know if a crack is opening and closing over time is to repair it. During the repair we inspect the foundation, the footing as well as the proper functioning of the drainage system in place

When is it the right time to repair foundation cracks ?

We work all year long. 

What are the different types of cracks ?

1. Plastic shrinkage concrete cracks

2. Expansion concrete cracks

3. Heaving concrete cracks

4. Settling concrete cracks

5. Concrete cracks caused by overloading the slab

6. Concrete cracks caused by premature drying

I am selling my house soon, can you fix it ASAP ? 


we can do the work ASAP no problem. we have very short delay. 

I: How does it work ?

Please send us a text at 5148859993​

the following information

Text us these 4 informations 

1-Nom I Name

2-Adresse I Address

3-Téléphone I Phone

4-Courriel Email (si tel est une ligne sèche)


 Inspection visit 

Evaluation visit


1- Location 

    Full fondation inspection of building

2- Identify type of crack (6 types)

3- Determine the repair method

4- Quote with pricing 

5-Full written Warranty


After the inspection visit 


1- Contract agreement 

2-Work schedule

3- Work schedule confirmation

4-Start of work

5-End of work

6-Work approval

7-Paiement I Payment 

8-Certificat de garantie I Warranty certificate

Why are there cracks on my foundation?

First of all, you must understand that concrete is a material that cracks very easily. ​ To know the answer to this question, it is important to do an inspection of all the systems in place to control the water around and under your home, ​ Any deficiency in these systems could be the cause. The cracks may also date from the construction of the house. If the construction is recent, contact your contractor, if the warranty has expired, it is best to carry out the inspection to find out more about the origin and type. Only after carrying out this inspection can we know the repair method.

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There are crack on my basment floor is this normal ?

Firstly, any cracks must be repaired as quickly as possible because the maintenance of your home is a priority and its value depends on it. As the maintenance of your property is a priority, all your water control systems in your basement must be up to date.

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