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Water damage insurance

Your basic policy covers you for sudden or accidental damage caused by:

An accidental water leak or overflow

Comprehensive protection for damage caused by non-repeated water line leaks or overflows.

Comprehensive protection covers most accidental events, such as damage caused by leaks or accidental water overflows that occur non-repeatedly.

For example, you would be covered if the hose on your washer suddenly broke and caused damage to your home.

Note that damage of the same type caused by your water heater is also covered, unless it is excluded in your insurance contract due to its age.

Insurers rely on the fact that you carry out regular maintenance on your home and also assume that you deal with professionals for your renovations to avoid defects that will cause water damage.

To avoid this type of water damage:

-Check the main water shut-off in the house annually.

-Hire only professionals for your renovation work.

-Know how plumbing works and where it passes through walls

-Know the location of floor drains and valves. (see inspection)

Other insurance coverage available (check with your insurer)

Water damage ─ ground water and sewage


Rain, snow and ice

Water inlet breakage

Repeated Water leak or infiltration

Why won't my insurance company pay to fix the cause of my basment flood ?

This is on a case by case basis and that is why we recommend a complete analysis (inspection) of the plumbing system and foundation drainage system. Insurers refuse a claim often based on an incorrect diagnosis, it is then up to you to find the real cause of your water damage and to prove that it was an accidental event and one which cannot be repeated. Insurers cover the costs of this inspection.

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What is the demolition clause?

Everything that must be demolished to repair the water damage must necessarily be returned to the original state or the insurer must compensate the insured for an equivalent amount. This clause is often well hidden in your policy forms. All of these fees can make a huge difference in the total amount you are entitled to.

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Defective back water valve, i am insured ?

If you have the Water Damage endorsement – ​​ground water and sewer only. On the other hand, you must ensure that the valves are installed in the right place and that you can maintain them regularly without having to demolish or modify anything (easy access).

BWV can be easily replaced or even repaired by a competent plumber.

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Why have the basment plumbing inspected ?

The inspection will give you all the information on the location of the elements of your plumbing. We can tell you how your plumbing behaves during heavy rains and when sewers back up.

Resumé I Conclusion

Une inspection complete vous assure pour vrai contre les dégats d'eau. En comprenant votre systême de drainage périphérique et votre plomberie vous pouvez prévenir tous les événements possible et ainsi sauver votre demeure des effets connus et inconnus d'un sinistre. 

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