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Avant de tout démolir !
voyons ensemble 9 solutions pour assurer un bon drainage.

maison sortie de terre


Repairing all cracks around your building is essential to control humidity and ensure the integrity of the building. Additionally, crack repair allows us to inspect the drainage system and clean it to increase its lifespan.

fondation fissure crack

2-Window well

​The window well protects the basement window against contact with water. If the water level rises too high, the excess will be directed to the foundation drain. By installing a window well we can inspect the drainage system and clean it to increase its lifespan.

margelle de fenetre


This system allows us to inspect the drainage system and clean it to increase its lifespan. Also when selling your property the inspector will be able to check the condition of the drain and thus assure the buyer that the system is functional. This is an excellent way to avoid a lawsuit

cheminee observation nettoyage

4-Foundation Drain  (Partiel)

A simple inspection allows us to find the problem area and thus repair and restore the operation of the complete system. This avoids demolition of landscaping elements: asphalt, sidewalk, sheds, swimming pool and terraces.

drain de fondation

5-Gutters and downspout

The area under a gutter is often waterlogged and causes problems with cracking and concrete degradation. This system evacuates water from the edge of the house.

descente de gouttiere

6-Dry pit

When the quantities of water are large we add a dry well. This increases the capacity of the land to accumulate water and avoids the creation of lakes on the surface of the land. This one is invisible since it is underground.

puit absorbant

7-Land slopes

Water at the edge of the house overloads the French drain and shortens its lifespan. This water causes cracks and premature degradation of the concrete in the foundation.

pente terrain negative


The pump is used to control excess water from the water table around and under the building. It is important to check it regularly and change it approximately every 10 years.

puisard fosse pompe sumpump

9-Bassin (pit)

The pit is the container in which we install the pump and the discharge to the municipal stormwater. Ideally there will be a direct connection to the Foundation Drain but this is not absolutely necessary if it is a question of complicated access or a question of budget

puisard fosse pompée
drain francais

10-French Drain complete 

With the 9 previous kits we can avoid this extremely devastating intervention.

​On occasion we have no choice but to offer to do the entire job.

This is an opportunity to check, repair the foundation. Also to waterproof it with the best materials and the best guarantee.

-Experienced and meticulous team.

-Impeccable work.

-Adequate and up-to-date machinery

-The best Laborguarantee.

-The best guarantee on materials.

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